Birdwatching & Sketching

3. 5. 2015


Dear Friends, as you might be aware, AOS together with USK Albania as well as students and lecturers of Polis University offered this weekend, a non-traditional activity, focusing on “sketching” birds in their habitats. We all integrated through observation and artistic visualization, the passion for birds and nature with the art of sketching and formed thus the spirit, emotion and continuity towards naturalistic being. Aiming promotion and protection, many birds species of Kune-Vain lagoons, were treated in different perspectives. The ability to mix visual tracks with birdwatching, enabled the creation of a magic and complex moment around “birdscapes” produced by USK Albania. This complexity integrated three components, sounding passion with the enthusiasm of “lines” and “colours” together with nature virtues.
Many times ago, before the existence of photography, naturalists were attracted from wild birds not only through observing but sketching. Even today, when photography is so popular and common, the art of sketching is an important and amusing way to enjoy nature with multiple techniques.
Be part of the movement, breath nature, find alternative ways to feel the richness that nature offered us! Grab the bird guide, binoculars, pencil, aquarelle set, notebook, capture the moment and leave your track! Thank you to partners for enabling this activity. Thanks to the enthusiasm of young students that were part of this movement!
J.A. Baker “Binoculars, and a hawk-like vigilance, reduce the disadvantage of myopic human vision.”

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