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Meet Our Board Members

President of AOS
PhD. Taulant Bino, Ornithologist / Ecologist, President of AOS. Dr. Bino is a biologist, specialized in the study of wild birds, author of many important publications in the recognition of Albanian birds and Albanian wetlands. He is the coordinator of the monitoring of wintering and nesting water birds in Albania (IWC) and the leader of some of the most important contributions to the protection of endangered bird species including Dalmatian pelican, Pygmy Cormorant, etc. CO-Founder
Gjergj Bojaxhi is a founding member of AOS, specialized in economics and more specifically in international relations and development. He is also a political activist and private manager. His contribution is not lacking in the environmental aspect as Gjergj has a close relationship with nature as its admirer and as one of the Albanians who has climbed the highest peaks of the world including Everest. He has been and is the defender of several environmental civil cases for the protection of nature, landscape and urban green spaces. CO-Founder
Kejt Dhrami is a founding member of AOS, a graduate in urban planning fields. She has participated in many projects that have dealt with urban development and its effects in the landscape and nature. She has been involved in several awareness-raising campaigns to improve the environment as a citizen devoted to nature and its values. Together with Kejt, AOS gains a new and indispensable perspective on bird and biodiversity protection planning. CO-Founder
Ben Andoni is a member of AOS’s board of trustees. Currently, he works as translator of Balkan literature in Albanian, journalist and editor of the weekly “Milosao”. He is also well-known as a publicist, writer and analyst of many economic, social and environmental issues. For years he has expressed interest and commitment in nature protection and biodiversity as environmentalist and environmental activist. His passion for the environment and nature has pushed him to express himself through the pen, by publishing many articles on sensitive environmental issues. CO-Founder
Besjana is a co-founder and Advisory Board member of the AOS. She holds a Master of Science on Planning and Urban Management, graduated in 2015 from Polis University, Faculty of Urban Planning and Environmental Sciences. Considering her education and current engagement, she has forged a great sense of activism on environmental related matters, in terms of providing better protection and preservation of biodiversity as a whole. Besjana managed to bring innovation and creativity into AOS’s core projects. Also, Besjana has been selected as of the 10 nominees for Future For Nature Award 2021, a prestigious international award that supports young,. talented and ambitious conservationist committed to protecting species of wild animals and plants. CO-Founder
Prof. Ferdinand Bego, Zoolog / Ecologist, Member of AOS’ board of trustes. Prof. Bego is a biologist, specialized in mammalian studies, a field in which he is the author of numerous scientific and popular publications. He has led and contributed to some of the most important biodiversity and Protected Areas studies in Albania. CO-Founder
Marin Mema is a member of AOS’s board of trustees, a journalist graduate, with a long lasting experience in television journalism as the ideator as well as head of the ” Shqipëria Tjetër ” documentary series Marin has covered more than 250 reports on social problems, human rights, political developments, and especially environmental issues, in Albania and in Balkan region, from communist times to the years of transition. He is the author of dozens of documentaries of historical and actual thematic for countries such as the United States, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, etc.