To identify and provide practical, theoretical, institutional and legal alternatives for long-term solutions in the protection and enhancement of bird community and their critical habitats, biodiversity, nature and environment in Albania and to work closely with all the stakeholders for the sustainable use of natural resources.

Our Objectives

In order to achieve this mission, AOS has the following objectives

To prevent the extinction of bird species and to improve their conservation status in Albania
To preserve and enhance bird habitats, bird ecosystems and Important Bird Areas in the country
To support the interested parties and contributing to the improvement of the quality of life through sustainable use of natural resources.

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Poachers caught and hunting hides destroyed
Over the third week of January, the team at Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS) conducted their field-monitoring visit to watch for cases of illegal killing and taking of birds throughout the pilot areas of the “Combating Illegal Killing and Taking of Birds” project, specifically – Semani river outlet and Thana Lake.
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“Flight for Survival” is a BirdLife International campaign managed by Stichting BirdLife Europe to raise awareness about the illegal killing of birds. Do you want to learn more for the #FLightForSurvival campaign in Albania? Stay with AOS!
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World Wetlands Day 2020 at Divjaka-Karavasta National Park!
AOS became part of the international day dedicated to wetlands, World Wetland Day 2020. Under the theme “Wetlands and Biodiversity”, AOS team celebrated WWD 2020 by donating 200 pine trees to the ecosystem of Divjaka-Karavasta National Park (DKNP).
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Completed : International Waterbirds Census 2020 in Albania ✔️
During the second weekend of January (10-12th of January), like every year, the Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS) became part of the “International Waterbirds Census” (IWC) 2020.
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Results of transect surveys for mapping of dangerous pylons and power lines in Drino valley, southern Albania
In August and September 2019, the Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS) conducted some 41 km of transect surveys for mapping of dangerous pylons and detecting mortality due to electrocution and collisions with power grid in the stronghold of the Egyptian Vulture in Drino valley, part of the Globally Important Bird Area of Gjirokastra, in the southern part of Albania.
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The rehabilitation of pelican’s nesting beds – DONE ✔
Subsequently, during the last week of December and after consecutive visits, AOS team began the rehabilitation of the nesting beds of Dalmatian Pelican, the flagship species of the National Park and Divjaka Municipality.
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Be aware Dalmatian Pelican breeding season is approaching!
A joint team of AOS and NAPA Fier, visited the Pelican Island to observe the current conditions of the pelicans breeding subcolonies and the potential needs for the rehabilitation of the so-called nesting beds, structures composed of tree branches and twigs in order to provide the Pelicans with safe nesting grounds from potential flooding events often usual during the last years.
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Ornithological Friday And Vultures In Drino Valley
Last week (December 13-14), AOS organized “Ornithological Friday and Vultures in Drino Valley”, a two-day visit focused on the importance of the area for the Egyptian Vulture and other species of migratory birds (Lesser kestrel).
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Extraordinary News: Tourism complex plan within the Divjaka Karavasta National Park rejected.
Following the long, persistent battle, AOS together with the NGO coalition received tremendous news from the Strategic Investment Committee (SIC). SIC confirmed and published the decision to reject the construction of “Divjaka Resort Albania” in Divjaka Karavasta National Park (DPNP).
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Announcing our new monthly AOS e-NEWSLETTER

We are pleased to announce the launch of “AOS NEWSLETTER”, dedicated entirely to our actions and efforts for the conservation of the Albanian avifauna. The first issue of AOS NEWSLETTER will be sent out in the coming weeks and it will be regularly published each month.

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 Since July 2019, after the consecutive lobbying and efforts of Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS) – the use of poison baits for the disposal of wild fauna species is incorporated as an amendment in the section of prohibited actions on the Law No. 46/2019, dated 8/7/2019 “On some amendments and changes of the Law No. 10 006, dated 23/10/2008 “On the protection of fauna” as amended”…

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