Our Team


Meet Our Wonderful Team of AOS

Head of AOS


PhD. Taulant Bino, has more than 27 consecutive years of professional experience in nature conservation and particularly the conservation of birds and their critical habitats.

His working experience is extended in Albania and in the Balkan region. He brings to AOS his advice as ornithologist, ecologist, lecturer of Ecology and former decision-maker in the field of nature protection and environmental management. He is author of the first guide book on birds of Albania and numerous publications on birds and nature conservation including scientific articles, reports and policy papers.

As part of AOS he has also been working intensively in designating IBAs in Albania, developing and implementing National Action Plan for species of conservation concern, transposing EU Bird and Habitats Directives in national legislation and leading projects on bird conservation and bird monitoring.



MSc. Erald Xeka, Environmental Biologist. Became part of AOS since its foundation in 2015. His passion for ornithology date back in 2010 when he was still a student.

In AOS he has been coordinating numerous of projects as: “Inventory of Breeding Birds in Albania for the Contribution in EBBA 2”; Conservation of Critical Habitats of Moustached Warbler (Bird ringing); Environmental Education for Protection of Shkodra Biodiversity; Promotion of Nature Tourism in the National Park of Divjake – Karavasta.

Since 2016 he is the team leader of the International Waterbird Census (IWC) in the Northern Region of Albania. Assistant Teacher in the Bird ID Program for preparing a class of student proficient in bird identification. Technical Assistance for the identification of Natura 2000 sites in Albania. Currently, he is coordinating the project “Combating Illegal Killing and Illegal Taking of Birds in Albania”.



Wildlife Anti-Poison Officer


MSc. Klea Duro, environmental biologist, aims to give her contribution to the environmental protection and to raise the public awareness on environmental issues.

Thanks to the knowledge gained in the Bird Identification course in Albania (BirdID 2018 Albania), since 2019 she is part of the AOS team, first assisting in the implementation of the project “Combating of the illegal killing and trapping of wild birds in Albania”.

She currently is Project Manager for Albania of BalkanDetox a life project lead by the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF).

Graphic & Visual Designer


MSc. Xhesika Berisha, Graphic Designer. Since 2012, she operates as a graphic designer, focusing primarily on creating conceptual works.

Since 2019, she has been involved at AOS as graphic designer compiling all communication packages, editorials illustrations, as well as magazines cover design.

Currently she is involved as Communication Officer in the Balkan DetoLife project.

Project Manager


MSc. Kristi Bashmili is an expert in the field of Environmental Management with over 6 years of professional experience.

He completed his studies at Polis University on Urban Environment Management.

Kristi has extensive experience in ecosystem assessment, urban solid waste management, strategic environmental assessment, moreover in research work for the protection and management of nature. Also, during his professional career, the development of sustainable tourism and campaigns for the protection of nature, have been included in his focus. Kristi has been volunteering in AOS since its inception, giving valuable contributions and supporting various causes and activities of the organization.

He currently works as Project Coordinator of the “Egyptian Vulture New Life” project, funded by the EU Life programme.

Fundraiser & Tourism Expert


MSc. Julian Trushi is a passionate traveler, a qualified National Tourist Guide in Albania and a Travel Designer, with a long experience in the Travel Industry.

He is a specialist for both well-loved destinations and destinations still unfamiliar in the Balkans.

His passion has brought him to successfully complete his MSc in Tourism Management and his focus is on Sustainability in Tourism. He has been actively involved in the “ 100 Villages Project “, an Integrated Program implemented by the Albanian Government with the aim of empowering the Rural Communities in Albania. Furthermore, in 2016 he founded and manages his personal travel related project named albaniaprivateguide.com

Naturally, his interests range between the conservation of particular ecosystems and the protection of small cultural niches, aiming the development of a Sustainable Tourism in the interested areas.

His favorite quote is “The World is Too Round to sit in a Corner “, meaning that we all must take a step forward and be more responsible towards our Ecosystems and our Communities.

Accounting Officer


MSc. Niko Hoxhaj is a Certified Public Accountant; he attended the master's in accountancy program at Tirane University’s Economic Faculty.

Since AOS’s foundation, Niko leads the organization with the responsibility for accounting, reporting and financial controls covering all aspects. In this role, Niko has overall responsibility for the controllership and financial reporting activities for AOS.

He has deep expertise in accounting & finance, risk management, operations, and financial data management & systems. Over his career at AOS he has led a number of key financial and business critical initiatives.

Niko had previously held a variety of senior financial management positions with different companies. During his assignments he had overall responsibility for financial reporting, planning and budgeting, systems of internal controls, & market research etc.

GIS & Data Base Expert


Msc. Joni Margjeka was graduated at Polis University as an urban planner. He is a professional experienced in Urban; Regional and Land Use Planning. .

He has worked for 8 municipalities General Local Plans, and for 5 Detailed Plans of National Importance Areas

Although Urban Planning is a multidisciplinary field, his main focus remains on Cultural and Natural Heritage. Joni possesses enhanced knowledge in Cultural Heritage, environmental preservation, and Urban Planning policies.

He currently works as a GIS expert to update information on IBAs areas in Albania as well as to generate cartographic spatial data on Important Bird Areas.

Wildlife Veterinerian


Was graduated in computer engineering at the Polytechnic University of Tirana and after that in Veterinary at the Agricultural University of Tirana.

He has over 2 years of work experience and currently practices the profession of veterinarian at the Albanian Ornithological Association (AOS).

Fation is passionate about nature in general and animals in particular, and he also serves as secretary of the Federation of Albanian Ornithologists.

Wildlife Biologist


Klajdi Duro is a Biology student with a passion for birdwatching.

Klajdi joined AOS first as a volunteer participating in several activities, such as the Winter Waterbird Census, the Pelican Island rehabilitation, patrolling for poaching etc.

In 2020, he joined the staff as a communications officer and translator and later that year, he participated in the BirdID training course where he showed good skills in identifying birds.

Klajdi currently holds the position of wildlife biologist.