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The content of the AOS NEWSLETTER consist of the latest news on birds and conservation work of AOS projects, in addition, the electronic newsletter will disseminate event announcements and opportunities to get involved in various AOS activities.

AOS NEWSLETTER can be helpful and beneficial for everyone who is concerned in conservation work, students, youngsters, supporters, environmentalists and everyone else who wants to stay refreshed with the latest developments of conservation work in Albania.

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    Annual Reports

    This report contains a comprehensive overview of the Albanian Ornithological Society's (AOS) activities, achievements, and conservation efforts in 2022, highlighting our commitment to bird conservation and biodiversity preservation in Albania.

    Gap Analyses on the Albanian legislation and on publically available information regarding the use, import, storage, and treatment of agriculture chemicals.

    Surveying for poison bait use in Albania – compiled by Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS) in the frame of “Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project” project.


    Report – International Waterbird Census 2019 in Albania

    Report – International Waterbird Census 2018 in Albania

    Report – International Waterbird Census 2017 in Albania

    Report – International Waterbird Census 2016 in Albania