Wildlife Tourism (birds, flowers and butterflies) in Shkodra Region


The main purpose of the project is to develop the for the first time, the tourism product called “Wildlife Tourism” in the area of Shkoder, and offer this new product for foreign and domestic market, in order to maximize the value of their experience while staying in Shkoder and its surroundings. Project “Development of nature tourism in Shkodra region” is funded by the program Risi Albania.

Avitourism & Wildlife in Bune-Velipoje

Buna is not just a river. It is a perfect corridor for birds starting their journey from hinterland towards Velipoja and the Adriatic coast. Apart from Ducks and Coots, Cormorants and Pelicans, Buna and its meanders are a lively habitat for fish, amphibians and several species of reptiles. The river outlet is also the home of a heronry sheltering several species including Spoonbills, Glossy ibis, Egrets, Pygmy Cormorants etc.
Velipoja reserve and Viluni lagoon are a winter ground for thousands of waterbirds and several species of birds of prey. Great Spotted Eagle is a rare visitor, while roosting harriers are a common sight.
During spring, the wetland site, becomes alive with plenty of song birds visiting the Trushi reedbeds either for nesting or foraging. The surrounding planes become full of flowers and butterflies looking for a mate and a secure place for laying eggs.

Avitourism & Wildlife in Shkodra Lake


Shkodra Lake is an Important Bird Area known to many for its evergreen colors. The water surface offers excellent grounds for thousands of wintering waterbirds whose population is dominated by diving species including Pygmy Cormorants, Tufted Duck, Pochards, Crested Grebes, Goldeneyes and Coots. The surrounding of the lake is covered with riparian forests and wet meadows offering both excellent roosting, nesting sites and feeding sites for numerous passerines. The water lilies create a meadow of leaves and flowers used as nesting sites by thousands of Whiskered Terns.
Such habitats and landscape are not bared of birds of prey. While Harriers are common species, even Eagles, namely the Golden Eagle, use the site as a feeding ground.
Spring comes with colors of hundreds of flowers and dozens of butterflies. One could only admire the shape and colors of Swallowtail (Papilio machaon), Cleopatra butterfly (Gonepteryx cleopatra), African monarch (Danaus chrysippus), Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) and European Peacock (Aglais io).
Together with its historical and cultural background and warm hospitality, Shkodra lake is a place worth to visit where people could easily spend excellent time.

Avitourism & Wildlife in Vermosh Lepushe


The area of Vermosh includes the whole valley starting from Tamara and up to Vermosh. Several locations are of great interest in terms ofobserving birds, flowers and butterflies. It is worth mentioning Leqet e Hotit for several species of birds of prey (Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Kestrel etc), Alpine Cough, Raven etc. Tamara is important for birds inhabiting the Cemi River and its rocky surroundings. One could easily spot here the Dipper, the Rock Nuthatch as well as several raptors. Lepusha and Vermosh are higher up in the mountains and covered generally with beech forests surrounding several meadows of great interest for Woodpeckers, Owls, birds of prey and Passerines including Horned Lark, Alpine Accentor, Ring Ouzel, Blue Rock Thrush, Nutcracker etc.
Alpine meadows of Vermosh and Lepushe are a hotspot for flowers and butterflies such as Apollo butterfly (Parnassius apollo), Southern Festoon (Zerynthia polyxena), Cardinal (Argynnis pandora) etc.

Avitourism & Wildlife in Thethi National Park


Thethi is surrounded by high peaks where it is easy to look for birds of prej such as Golden Eagle, Peregrin Falcon, and Gosshawk. Its beach forest are home to numerous nesting birds that fill the summer mornings with songs of all different sorts including the Wren, Robin, Great Tit, Blue Tit. Pine forest, at the top of the mountains, are an excellenmt habitat for several species linked with this typical habitat. The presence of the Capercaille is almost certain and one could find himself as being an explorer in offering data for the presence/absence of the species. Alpine meadows at the top, in summer mornings are filled with the song of Horned Lark and Pipits. While in migration period, the meadows might offers good sightings of Ringed Ouzel and other passerines.
Thethi river runs through the village at 600-700 m height. Its blue waters are an excellent habitat for bird eating insects such as the Dipper, Wren and even Kingfisher with its contrasting colors.
Summer in Theth is just amazing for butterflies feeding and looking for mates in the meadows filled with flowers of all sorts of colors. Theth it’s worth visiting every time of the year. Even in winter when snow covers everything./p>

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