There is a surprising number of people, businesses and communities that would like to do more to preserve and protect our natural resources. But part of them lack the knowhow on where to start to become environment friendly.

Getting acquainted with environmentalism and environmental rights is a broad philosophy, ideology and social movement that is closely related to concerns about environmental protection and the improvement of public health. At this point is it of utmost importance learning the process of changing the world, preserving natural resources and how to get started to make the difference.

As the World Environment Day marks the effort to balance the relationship between people and different natural systems, We appeal to you to join forces against destructive, environmentally-hostile initiatives and encourage you to appreciate the natural beauties and to think of yourselves as part of the environment and closely associated with it.

We make our appeal by introducing a publicity spot realized in the framework of the project “Development of Natural Tourism (Birdwatching, Flowering and Butterfly) in Shkodra Region”, supported by RisiAlbania, and by thinking that when ecosystems are threatened, whether by pollution, climate change, or over-exploitation, we are the ones bearing the consequences.

The spot promotes and reflects the model of sustainable development of natural tourism, as well as the inclusion of birdwatching, butterfly and flowers watching as part of a new tourism product in Albania. As initiators of alternative forms of tourism in Albania, AOS invites you to follow the video, which delivers the message on ‘Conservation and recovery of habitats, ecosystems and important areas for birds and biodiversity as a whole’.

The spot is at the same time, a strong call for conservation and improvement of the human environment as an important issue affecting the country’s well-being and economic development. Based on this background, the Coalition for the Protection of National Park Divjaka – Karavasta will not halt until the “Divjaka Resort Albania” of Mabetex Group project is cancelled.