During the first weekend of June (midnight of June 6th, 2020), AOS field-ornithologists were contacted by members of CZIP (BirdLife Montenegro) and DOPS (BirdLife Slovenia) about a tagged specimen of Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) with a satellite transmitter indicating that it was located in Shkodra. This specimen of Griffon Vulture, born in 2019, in Cres Island (Croatia), is a male named Mokoš.

According to the routes and locations where the specimen rested and spent the nights, the members of Beli Center concluded that he found no food and continued to fly south until he no longer had the strength to fly. 


(a) The location of Mokoš / (b) The route followed by Mokoš

Based on the geographical data provided by the GPS transmitter, the AOS team headed towards the respective location early in the morning (on June 7th, 2020), to check and observe the conditions where Mokoš was situated. 

Mokoš was found to have suffered great weight loss, exhausted, and unable to continue its flight towards its territory. Therefore, the specimen was immediately sent to the Bird Rehabilitation Center in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park.  The recapture and transportation to the Rehab Center were facilitated successfully by AOS field-ornithologists.

We believe that after a few weeks in the rehab centre of Divjaka, after reaching the appropriate weight, Mokoš will be released into the wild again to start flying freely.  

Mokoš in the Bird Rehabilitation  Centre of Divjaka

AOS would like to acknowledge Jovana Janusevic (CZIP – BirdLife Montenegro) and Borut Rubinic (DOPS  – BirdLife Slovenia) for informing, and Tomislav Bandera Anic from Beli Visitor Center, for the continuous advice during recapture, administration, and transportation to the Rehab Center. 

In the following days, the team of AOS field-ornithologists will update with other news about the recovery process of Mokoš. 

Stay with AOS! 

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