After the extraordinary success of the first breeding platform, AOS and OST install another platform for the White Storks in Fier, offering more space and above all more security for the expected breeders.

The new platform, which replaces an old but unsafe nest, offers ampler space for future breeders. To make it more attractive, AOS and OST team took care to make good use of the old nesting material which was placed on the new platform. At the same time, this action also led to the replacement of a damaged insulator which caused the line to disconnect and was a potential source of danger to the breeding white Storks.

Our thanks go to OST for the permanent readiness for the benefit of nature and environment protection and especially for the Fier Operational Unit which through professionalism and full cooperation ensured the swift installation of this new platform. We remain confident that this model of collaboration will deliver other successful results in the years to come.

Waiting for the spring 2021, we will be watching the skies every day looking for the arrival of the White Storks on this new and very welcoming house.



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