Anti-Poisoning on Wildlife in Albania


Overall goal:

The goal of the proposed project is to combat the use of the poison baits in Albania through increasing awareness and capacities among national responsible authorities and supporting them in preventing, deterring, surveying/monitoring the illegal use of poison baits and ensuring prosecution efficiency for the illegal use of poison baits.




The proposal has the following objectives:


  1. Raise awareness among national responsible institutions on the scale, root causes and consequences of the illegal use of poison baits
  2. Assist the authorities in investigating and monitoring the use of poison baits in a pilot area.
  3. Assist the authorities in mainstreaming anti-poisoning campaign in the national legislation and training them for detection and prosecution of potential cases of poisoning through poison baits.



Project leader: Vulture Conservation Foundation, VCF.

Implementation period: June 2019 to April 2020

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