We trust a lot that all dimesions of biodiversity are important and vital and that the efforts to conserve fauna and flora are not in sufficient to halt the dispiriting trends of species and population losses in recent decades. This trend is heightened by the pressure that mass tourism puts on already unstable local resources, as the largest threats for the future of those destinations. But it does not end there, the scheme of “Strategic Investment’ and the model of “Sustainable Development” serve to cover up “Mega Resorts” which decide on fate of key biodiversity areas. Indeed, “Sustainable Tourism” is built from the root of the host community. It means to use properly environmental resources and help conserve natural heritage, biodiversity and respect socio-cultural authenticity of host communities. Bold and carried approaches are necessary to conserve what remains of Earth’s biodiversity, therefore, conserving fauna and flora requires protection of landscapes, diversity of species and ecosystems as a whole. For these reasons , we believe that fauna and flora with their unique socio-economic and cultural values and ability to harness public support combined with a firm political commitment, much more can be done in terms of preserving these lands. “This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action.” Martin Luter King