One could call it « From Buna to Buna » or “41st Km” such as the length of Buna River. A journey in between waters and thousands of telescopic spots starting from Buna bridge (Shkodra), spots that run towards the sea, that come and go together with the plunging of Coots, hundreds of Pygmy Cormorants, Tufted Ducks and Grebes. When the river calms down in small water pockets, we are surprised by the islets covered by riparian forests (Daragjat) and cool waters that divide countries but not the Mother Nature. Behind a pompous and green pumping station, the waters pass in Çasi and Trushi reedbeds, busy with the calls of Moorhens, Water Rails and hundreds of Blue Tits, Reed Buntings and wintering Warblers. From here, one has two ways: towards the mountainous landscape of Viluni lagoon or towards the fishponds of Reç and Gjerasi Marsh (Velipoja) and Buna rivermouth. Cormorants fall asleep, Sandwich Terns look for dinner while the black underwings of Little Gull (Larus minutus) remind the coming night and the next busy morning.

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