Vjosa river is for AOS not just one of the rivers of Albania. For about one week, Vjosa was our field home where together with Slovenian colleagues we explored in details, from Permet to Narta, the birds of the river and the Vjosa valley. Field observations lasting more than 14 hours per day (5 am-9 pm) included the river bed and the streams furnishing it. Field work combined bird identification through watching, hearing and bird banding, education on bird study methods and filming for a documentary on the necessity of protecting and keeping this ecosystem untouched from hydropower dams. Now, Vjosa river is not just a river for us! It is without any doubt a mesmerizing place, a very rich river valley where we observed about 120 species of birds, a wetland ecosystem that keeps surprising us with its unbelievable richness. Vjosa, our home, should be kept untouched from hydropower dams!