Buzzard (Buto buteo) Recovery

AOS was informed during the last evening, the 10th of April 2018, on the finding of a Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) injured due to collision.
On the absence of specialized centres for the rehabilitation of medical treatment of wild birds, AOS contacted the veterinary expert Kalem Ymeralaj who provided his prompt assistance. The bird of prey, diagnosed with dislocation in its right wing, was wrapped with bandage, cotton and flaster. In the mean time, the Buzzard, is treated with special care against potential infections. We will keep the bird as such until fully recovered and able to compete in the wild.
The bird was baptized as “Lucky” and it is currently sheltered in a dark, quiet and safe place, well aired and under continuous monitoring. We are grateful to Mikel for informing us in due time and for trusting to our mission.
​Our gratitude goes also to our colleague and friend Kalem Ymeralaj for the medical assistance and his great contribution.