The Egyptian Vulture calls for survival!

No donation is too small, and every donor will be a beacon of hope for this vulture species. Together, we aim to raise a sum of 4,000 EUR. With this amount, we aim to cover expenses for maintaining a supplementary feeding station in one of the territories of the Egyptian Vulture in Albania. Specifically, the fund will be used to supply the feeding station with safe food for a time period of five months and the installation of a camera for online monitoring of the station. Every transaction will be documented and reported by AOS for complete transparency; thus, fully conveying how your contribution will help this important project. The amount we aim to raise will go entirely for securing the necessary materials, while the support with staff and experts will be provided by AOS entirely voluntary.

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Balkandetox Life Project strengthens Albanian institutional capacities on the investigation of wildlife crimes

A comprehensive national training session on the investigation of wildlife crimes was conducted in Albania for key state institutions, including the National Inspectorate for the Protection of the Territory, State Police, National Agency for Protected Areas, and National Agency of Veterinary and Protection of Plants. The training also saw active participation from other stakeholders, such as conservation NGOs, prosecutors, and lawyers.

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