Communication Expert

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AOS Mission is to identify and provide practical, theoretical, institutional and legal alternatives for long-term solutions in the protection and enhancement of bird community and their critical habitats, biodiversity, nature and environment in Albania and to work closely with all the stakeholders for the sustainable use of natural resources.

AOS is achieving its mission through making advocacy, building and strengthening internal and external capacities in the country, providing services for those who need, making watchdog for the implementation of legal framework on birds and nature conservation in Albania and offering expertise in bird studies and research.

In order to achieve this mission, AOS has the following objectives:

  • To prevent the extinction of bird species and to improve their conservation status in Albania,
  • To preserve and enhance bird habitats, bird ecosystems and Important Bird Areas in the country,
  • To support the interested parties and contributing to the improvement of the quality of life through sustainable use of natural resources.

In the framework of supervising and sustaining communication matters related to outreach and enhance the visibility of projects in mass media, the Albanian Ornithological Society is seeking a qualified candidate to lead communication related strategies and actions.

The communication manager will come up/explore creative approaches to engage the general public and outreach various media, both local and international level,  in order to promote the  projects and activities.

S/he will compile different articles which will be published through various communication channels, such as the official web site, the three-month electronic newsletter, social, print and online media, reports, and used in various campaigns.

S/he will also create and implement various campaigns regarding specific projects, case management, support in advocating citizen mobilization-oriented awareness  campaigns and provide strategic guidance aiming at enhancing visibility as well as attracting funds or donations in support of our activities.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • The expert will build communication strategies, implement different projects and suggest new innovative approaches to assist the causes or projects in terms of promoting them to bigger audiences and raising funds and donations for nature conservation related projects.
  • The expert will develop a database of key media contacts and maintain an effective relationship to communicate extensively and promptly about projects and activities.
  • The expert will identify, attract, and engage key national, local and international media, as well as influencers regarding communication and advocacy goals of various projects or activities.
  • The expert will write, edit, and revise articles drafted for a variety of channels, including the official website, the three-month bulletin, online editions, reports, campaigns, and social media.
  • The expert will carry out projects work on raising environmental awareness, mainly related to biodiversity loss, conservation issues of wild birds and their habitats.
  • The expert will prepare and translate technical and scientific materials into easily understandable and exciting content as well as help in the development of multimedia communication materials, including posters, photographs, info-graphics, video, etc.
  • The expert will provide and guide technical recommendations referring to the quality and durability of all digital communication applications as well as printed materials.

Minimum qualifications required for this position:

  • Completion of a University degree (Bachelor) in journalism and communication or in relevant field is required.
  • Preferably a Master’s degree in journalism and communication or in similar disciplines.


  • Have at least 5 years of experience in the field of communication and journalism;
  • Have a track work record on similar projects in biodiversity or nature conservation issues;
  • Have solid computer prowess, electronic networks as well as software used for communication purposes, plug-ins (i.e websites, electronic bulletins, etc.);
  • Have a solid experience with new media, generating content and web indicators;
  • Have practical experience working with civil society organizations in the environmental protection sector.


Language proficiency:

Fluency in written and oral English is required.

The applicant must submit his / her CV to the following email address: