Discover the Wonders of Pishe-Poro Nartë Protected Landscape: A Natural Gem of International Significance

Nestled among nature’s diverse landscapes, Pishe-Poro Nartë Protected Landscape is an emblem of nature’s unmatched beauty and rich biodiversity. This area is a wetland and a vibrant refuge for many species.

Birds Abundance: For bird lovers, the variety of birds, from elegant waders to cheerful songbirds, is a delight.

Small Wonders: Beyond birds, numerous invertebrates, from colorful butterflies to aquatic bugs, thrive here.

Land and Water Residents: Expect to find snakes, turtles, and mammals, each contributing to the ecosystem’s balance.

Nature’s Varied Settings: This place isn’t just about its residents and the diverse environments they call home. Marshes, lagoons, and open waters create a dynamic habitat supporting wildlife and benefiting our global environment by influencing climate, purifying water, and aiding local livelihoods.

Virtual Exploration: Would you be able to visit? Experience its beauty through our immersive video. From tranquil dawns to lively afternoons, embark on a visual journey. Let’s cherish and protect Pishe-Poro Nartë’s untouched allure. 

It was brought to you by Eco Albania as part of the NGOs for Biodiversity Conservation project in collaboration with AOS – Albanian Ornithological Society, Eco Albania & Res Publica.

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Special thanks to Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development, CISP Sviluppo dei Popoli, & VIS Albania.