How many species of ducks live in Karavasta Lagoon? How do you count the birds? Is the number of birds increasing?
Today, at World Wetlands Day, together with the Regional Administration for Protected Areas of Fieri, we were again in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park with the pupils of 9-year school of Miza.
We responded to the interesting questions of the pupils, explained the bird migration and observed birds in Godulla e Vogël.
Despite the rainy weather, the day got better through the pupils’ curiosity, teachers’ goodwill and the presence of three Pelicans with red bills. The breeding season has started!
At their demand, we will be again, and pretty soon, at the lagoon, to observe closer the Pelicans and to speak about the biology and behavior of the Pelicans, the symbol of the National Park.

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