“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Egyptian Vulture (EV) is considered smaller than the other vultures in Europe which is nesting in the territories of our country. In the last 15 years, this species has lost 1/3 of its territory and only six pairs are nesting in the remaining territories. It is a typical long-distance migrant. The EV returns to our country’s territories in the spring season (March-April) and leaves its nesting territories in the fall (September) to start its long journey toward their wintering locations in Africa. Among the main threats causing a decline in the population of EV are poisoning, electrocution, habitat destruction, etc.

Conservation efforts focused on EV undertaken by AOS continue even when this species is not present in the territories of our country. AOS team has collaborated with local and national institutions to mitigate factors that threaten this species in its territories and in its migratory corridors.

To achieve the goal of recovering the EV population, it is essential to engage supporters from every generation and institution (local & national) associated with the cause. The realization of this mission cannot be achieved without the involvement and encouragement of our supporters. AOS team is grateful to them for their commitment and support to sustain the Egyptian Vulture population!

For many people, participating in the Egyptian Vulture New Life campaign has been a challenging and educational experience. Awareness-raising events conducted within EVNL have fascinated and connected participants with the cause.

# IVAD2019 (International Vulture Awareness Day) – Fly With the Vultures – is an event that will stay in our memory for a long time. Paragliding across the territories where the EV once flew gave participants the sensation of being free as this species desires to be. Two of the supporters of the EVNL cause, Ervin Goci, and Arber Cepani became part of IVAD2019. To find out more about their unique experience flying over the territories where the EV once flew – you can click on the videos below.

Ervin Goci – Lecturer in Communication, University of Tirana Social Activist 

Arber Cepani – Social Activist, Entrepreneur 

Hopefully, you enjoyed the challenge and excitement of this journey. For next season, we are fully charged through your motivation and energy to move this cause forward. On behalf of the AOS & EVNL team, we would like to give special thanks to each of you for supporting us during the EVNL project.

Stay tuned,

The AOS team

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