Forum for Protected Areas 2024 – Tradition for the Protection of Nature in Albania

On May 8-9, FPA-2024 brought together local and international participants to discuss the protection of Albania’s PAs. The event highlighted the importance of Protected Areas (PAs), the challenges they face, and the necessary legal frameworks to ensure their preservation.

Keynote speakers, including Mr. Taulant Bino, President of AOS, and Mrs. Anila Salianji, Manager of the SmartBalkans project at IDM Albania, emphasized the importance of cooperation and good governance in maintaining the ecological integrity of PAs.

The forum featured 16 insightful presentations from various institutions, such as FNS, CSOs, IUCN, UNDP, and the Swedish Embassy in Tirana, covering topics from legal challenges to sustainable management practices.

On the second day, participants visited the “Pishë Poro – Nartë” Protected Landscape to understand the impact of recent developments and the importance of this area for biodiversity.

A big thank you to all contributors: Olsi Nika, Marjol Meco, Mihallaq Qirjo, Elvana Tivari, Abdulla Diku, Johan Willert, Anis Zarrouk, Simon Battisti, Imeldi Sokoli, Kejt Dhrami, Anila Paparisto, Oliver Avramoski, Frosina Pandurska, Besjana Shehu, Kristi Bashmili and participants for their dedication to protecting our PAS. 🌍✨
Also huge thanks to our moderators; Ben Andoni & Ols Lafe also our Board Members.

Video-spot is conducted with the support of “SMART Balkans – Civil Society for Shared Society in the Western Balkans” regional project implemented by Centar za promociju civilnog društva (CPCD), Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) and Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) and financially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA).

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