Future For Nature Award Nominees 2021!

It is a great honor that our dear colleague Besjana Sevo, also the co-founder of AOS has been selected as one of the 10 nominees for the Future for Nature Award 2021. Her nomination has been shortlisted among 470 applications worldwide from motivated young people, closely involved in the conservation of wildlife, habitats, and biodiversity as a whole.

We cordially appreciate the Future For Nature Award team for their trust throughout our journey in nature and species conservation, and more specifically in the Egyptian Vulture cause, as well as for the time dedicated to evaluating applications.

However, this nomination is not considered an individual achievement of Besjana, but an achievement of excellent teamwork (Taulant, Erald X., Niko, Klea, Olgerta, Dario, Erald B., Ramis a.k.a Rambo, Ergi, Xhesika, Kristi & Klajdi), which cooperated with passion, dedication, and creativity from the first day of involvement on the Egyptian Vulture cause. And of course, this team could not have succeeded alone, without the support of our colleagues and international partners, such as the amazing team of the project “Egyptian Vulture New Life“, Stoyan, Elitsa, Iordanka, Vanya, Vladimir, Dimitar, Volen and many many others.

In addition, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the superstars of Conservation Youth Club Gjirokastra (Arli, Ergi, Hansi, Monika, Bjanti, Fresola, Orgest, Arla, Klarencio, Ervin, Denada, Pandeljo, Andri, Lira, Dea, Eri, Riselda and many many others), the most committed young people network in Albania in the fight for the conservation of the Egyptian Vulture, led by their super dedicated professor, Mr. Gentian Hykaj.

Furthermore, we would like to extend our appreciation to all the people that supported us willingly and in good faith followed AOS in the path of building a better environmental future and improving the status of the Egyptian Vulture, an iconic species listed as globally endangered (IUCN-EN).

AOS is very grateful and indebted to you all, without your support and cooperation we would not have achieved this worldwide recognition. Unfortunately, we cannot mention you all individually, but keep in mind that we appreciate your willingness to be with us at every step. #egyptianvulture #FFN2021 #futurefornatureaward #egyptiavulturenvulturenewlifeproject  #besjanasevo #conservationyouthclub #albanianornithologicalsociety #aos