In Berk’s hospitable environment, the first “Biodiversity Talks” meeting on “How Can We Protect Protected Areas?” took place, focused on the border review process and the internal zoning of Protected Areas in Albania.

At first glance, when reflecting on the state of Protected Areas, the situation may seem bleak but there is always room for optimism.

Our social gatherings explore not only the challenges, but the stories and the dialogue make us really hopeful about the efforts in preserving what is left.

What makes these platforms more interesting is the diversity of biodiversity, so nature enthusiasts, environmental managers, lawyers of various causes, researchers of fauna and flora come together to share their honest opinions and spark the interest of those present among other things.

The discussion on how we can protect the Protected Areas this time was led by the following panelists: Mihallaq Qirjo, as the moderator and Ols Nika, Ermelinda Mahmutaj, Dorina Ndreka, Irena Dule & Taulant Bino as speakers.

“Biodiversity Talks” will now be an integral “arena” to communicate with you about diversity, from the essence to the processes, dynamics and broader views.

We hope to see you in our future events!