Each year, on the first Saturday of September, people from around the world celebrate the International Vulture Awareness Day. Vultures play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem due to their scavenging lifestyle. And the main goal of this day is to highlight their importance while also bringing to everyone’s attention all the threats and hardships they face.

To commemorate this special day, AOS in collaboration with RAPA Gjirokastër, Conservation Youth Club of Gjirokastra (CYC), and the group EcoFriend have conducted a number of activities, with the main focus being on the protection of the Egyptian Vulture’s population in the Drinos Valley.

The activities included:

  • A field trip to one of Egyptian Vulture’s territories in the Drinos Valley with the intention of observing the Egyptian Vulture and other birds, mainly raptors;
  • Monitoring of power lines in the Drinos Valley in order to identify the most problematic segment when it comes to electrocution and collision;
  • The installation of an information board containing information on the Egyptian Vulture’s population in our country and abroad.

Such activities serve as an excellent way of educating the younger generation on environmental issues through active participation and concrete initiatives. In addition to being educative, these activities also help them to connect more with nature and to appreciate its beauty.

We believe that these young people will play an active role in helping with various conservation issues in the future. That is why we hope to see each other again in future events and activities.

This activity was carried out under the frames of the LIFE+ project “Egyptian vulture New LIFE” (LIFE16 NAT/BG/000874).

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