Join Our Volunteer Team at AOS – Albanian Ornithological Society!

Are you passionate about birds and wildlife conservation? The Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS) seeks enthusiastic volunteers to contribute to our vital programs. By joining us, you’ll be crucial in protecting and preserving bird species and their habitats nationwide.

  1. Bird Monitoring Volunteer
    You’ll gather essential data about our nationwide bird conservation efforts as a bird monitoring volunteer. Your observations of birds and their habitats will directly contribute to our conservation work.
  2. Community Engagement Volunteer
    Make a positive impact in your community while supporting local native bird species. Volunteer at various events and workshops held throughout the country and give back to both people and birds alike.
  3. Habitat Protection and Restoration Volunteer
    Help us safeguard bird habitats by participating in habitat protection and restoration projects. By planting and nurturing sites, you’ll contribute to the recovery of bird populations.
  4. Administration Volunteer
    Our bird conservation initiatives extend beyond the field and into the office. Join our team as an administration volunteer and provide valuable support behind the scenes.

Our projects require solid birdwatching skills and a commitment of a few hours for fieldwork each month or year. We already have a dedicated group of volunteers who are making a difference, and we’re excited to welcome new members to our team.

If you’re eager to participate in the safeguardour volunteer force and contribute to bird conservation, we invite you to contact us. You can reach us via email at or simply fill out the form available on our website. Your dedication could be the driving force that helps protect Albania’s precious birdlife. Join us today!

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