Mokoš – the specimen of Griffon Vulture found by a team from AOS on June 7, 2020, in Koplik (Malësi e Madhe)– was released into the wild after approximately two months in the Bird Rehabilitation Center in Divjaka.

At the time of his rescue, his health had deteriorated dramatically, and his recovery was quite slow. However, thanks to the constant care of the Regional Administration of Protected Areas Fier, AOS members, other supporters, and thanks to the ongoing advice from the experts of Belli Visitor Center, Mokoš recovered completely, and he was ready to get back to the wild.

The release of the bird took place on the morning of August 14, 2020 in Drino Valley. After the discussion with Croatian experts, we decided to release it in Drino valley due to its proximity to Greece where a colony of Griffon Vultures is located. From there Mokoš can join more quickly with other individuals of his own species. Besides, the Drino Valley and the Vjosa Valley are preferred habitats for vultures, especially the Egyptian Vulture.

As expected, the release of Mokoš was not accompanied by an immediate flight. At first, he hesitated to fly and spent the first moments exploring the new territory. Then, he flew and landed on a rock where he spent the night.

After two days of acclimatization to the area, satellite tracker shows Mokoš flying over Bureto and Çajup. We hope that he’s already familiarized with the area and is able to perform even longer distances. Meanwhile, his movements are followed carefully by AOS and bellivisitorcenter.

It’s in the animal’s best interest to report such cases at a moment’s notice. They require the intervention of an appropriately qualified person or group of people, and timing can be a deciding factor in saving the animal’s life.

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