​In the framework of the Life project “ Egyptian Vulture New Life ” as well as BAPP- Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project, the Albanian Ornithological Society-AOS organization, in its capacity as the project partner in national level held the Second Meeting on Anti-Poisoning in Albania on December 5th 2018.

With the participation of representatives from 4 international organizations (BSPBVCFHOSGREEN BALKANS), this meeting resulted successfully in several key aspects of environmental crime treatment. The AOS presented its Draft-Road Map for Wildlife Anti-Poisoning in Albania. The presentation was followed by extensive discussions on the issue of fauna poisoning and the ways of fighting and preventing crimes against birds and wildlife.

In this meeting participated also representatives from national decision-making and implementing authorities such as the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the State Inspectorate of the Environment, the Food and Veterinary Safety Institute, the Faculty of Veterinary Science, the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Customs, OSSES as well as other interest groups.
International organizations are working extensively in Albania to reduce major threats, in particular against vultures, wildlife species, whether birds or other animals, by addressing not only the aspects of poisoning but also crimes in relation to birds, such as mortality from energy infrastructure and trafficking. Also, best practices to reduce threats on vultures at Pan-Balkan Level were presented at this meeting.
In this contexts, AOS is working jointly with the aforementioned organizations to incorporate in the national legislation on fauna protection the issue of fauna poisoning and to add measures for such a crime in the Penal Code of Albania.
The Egyptian Vulture New Life project aims to protect and increase the Neophron percnopterus population in Europe by taking urgent conservation measures to eliminate the major threats in the nesting places and during the migration.

Please find enclosed the meeting agenda in both versions, English and Albanian.

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