Combating Illegal Killing and Illegal Taking of Birds in Albania

Although in moderate decline, Illegal killing of Birds (IKB) in Albania is still causing a lot of victims among birds. The BirdLife International report (2015) on IKB in the Mediterranean estimates that 206,000-325,000 individual birds may be illegally killed or taken each year in Albania. ‘Illegal shooting’ was the main type of illegality.

The above figures list Albania as one of the ten Mediterranean countries with worst record in IKB. The most problematic areas list the wetlands of Semani and Lalzi bay as well as the terrestrial areas of Terbufi and Tirana and Korca as the most problematic ones.

Project objectives:

• Reduce IKB in the project areas
• Revise the extent and characteristics of IKB in Albania and evaluate its impact on decreasing bird populations
• Improve the hunting legislation in Albania
• Raise awareness and education on the impacts of IKB
• Train relevant stakeholders on bird identification and monitoring, implementation of current legislation and promote alternative nature friendly livelihood activities towards hunters

The project is supported by Euronatur, funded by MAVA and implemented by AOS-Albanian Ornithological Society.

Euronatur, MAVA

LIFE Programme, Vulture Conservation Foundation, MAVA Foundation, EuroNatur, Whitely Fund for Nature, Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund

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