Egyptian Vulture New Life

The EV New LIFE is a follow up to the project The Return of the Neophron and will attempt to reverse the negative trend and achieve sustainable growth of EV population on the Balkans (80% decline over the last 30 years). Hence, the specific objectives are set to three overarching goals:

1. Reduce adult mortality by minimizing losses due to deliberate or accidental poisoning, direct persecution, electrocution and collisions with energy infrastructures in the breeding grounds, at migration bottlenecks and wintering congregation sites;

2. Reinforce the breeding population on the Balkans by deploying a targeted pilot restocking programmed to boost population recovery;

3. Increase awareness of and support for EV conservation through relevant stakeholder’s engagement.

Aims in Albania:

Reduce the main threats for the EV in the breeding grounds (evidence-based approach).

Project Location:

14 countries in the Balkans, Middle East & Africa

Coordinating Beneficiary:

Associated Beneficiaries:

HOS / BirdLife Greece, WWF Greece, RSPB, CMS Raptors MoU, BL Middle East, BL Africa, DD, APLORI, Green Balkans


01/07/2017 – 31/12/2022


Awareness, Conservation Planning, Habitat Conservation and Management, Migratory Species, Protected Areas in Albania, Ramsar Site, IBA, KBA, Governance