Social platforms “Merr Jep” and “Njoftme Falas” promote illegality through helping to sell protected and endangered species and by openly breaking the law. HOW DOES IT FUNCTION? The citizen from Elbasani or Kukwsi illegally traps a Vulture or an Eagle. He tries to sell it illegally through social networks. The social network accepts the posting and promotes illegality. THE MESSAGE If anybody wants to sell an Eagle or a Vulture, if anybody wants to sell protected and endangered species, the person who breaks the law is not only the one who commits the illegal trapping but also the other one that accepts the posting and helps to promote the illegality. Unfortunately, there are several platforms that do promote illegality. We ask them to delete and never accept the illegal postings. Those platforms should join every good citizen efforts to protect wildlife and nature. We firmly believe that the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the State Inspectorate for Environment and Forests should promptly react to STOP THE ILLEGALITY on fauna that is today promoted openly by the above social platforms.

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