Spring again. The Egyptian Vulture once again!

In a magnificent display of nature’s harmony, spring always heralds the arrival of the Egyptian Vulture, an important and globally endangered vulture that is always loyal to our country. Its significant role in nature, its graceful flight and the symbolism of vultures for our country make it one of the most beloved species for us.

Like every spring, AOS’ ornithologists have successfully completed a demanding, but exciting, mission to monitor and confirm the occupation of the Egyptian Vulture’s territories in Albania. From the monitoring results, 5 territories are confirmed to be occupied by the Egyptian Vulture, from which 4 are occupied by breeding pairs and 1 by a single individual. 

As the breeding season appears to be going smoothly, the Supplementary Feeding Station in Fir of Hotova-Dangëlli National Park seems to be serving its purpose perfectly. The Egyptian Vulture pair located nearby is using it regularly, feasting well for the start of the breeding season.

This monitoring action and the supplementary food provided for the vultures were made possible only thanks to the generous donations from the Egyptian Vulture’s supporters and enthusiasts. Special thanks go to Florjan Binaj, Ilir Hebovija, Liridon Shala, Jetmir Troshani, the staff from RAPA Gjirokastra and many others who supported the ‘Wings of Hope – Donate for the Egyptian Vulture’ campaign.

This time, YOU are the spring!