The Dalmatian Pelican Month of January

The Dalmatian Pelican in Divjaka-Karavasta starts breeding every January, right at the peak of winter, a period when most of the birds are still in wintering mood.

The flocks of the Dalmatian Pelicans start to gather every January at the Pelicans island in Karavasta Lagoon. The fluffy feathers of the head and the orange-red pouch are visible from afar and offer real pleasure to any observer. But not everything goes fine for the Dalmatian Pelican!

For many years, the Pelicans’ island is shrinking significantly due to the constant erosion driven by global climate change. The remaining island is flooded most of the time making it impossible for the Dalmatian Pelican to nest in the absence of conservation measures. The solution offered by ornithologists is the creation of breeding beds, structures composed of branches, twigs covered by herbaceous plants. This intervention has avoided for many years the effects of flooding and has supported the growth of the colony and the reproductive success of the breeding pairs.

Even for this breeding season, AOS and ADZM Fier, supported by AOS volunteers and members of the local community, worked again together for breeding beds in order to provide more nesting habitat for the Dalmatian Pelican.

We hope that this passionate work will be rewarded by meeting the goal of AOS and the park administration of more than 95 breeding pairs in 2021 out of 85 pairs in 2020.