What is the lifespan of a Golden Eagle? Why is the chick covered in white? How big is a Pelican? How many Vultures do we have in Albania? Does the Capercaille sing early in the morning 🙂? How could a Sea Turtle take care of its kids? Is this exposed skeleton aDinosaur or a Cachalot? Why is our biodiversity threatened and what could we do to help the animals?
Those were some of the questions on the diversity of the Albanian fauna posed during the visit of the students of the “Hafiz Ibrahim Dalliu” school at the Museum of Natural Sciences guided by AOS and the Museum’s staff.
We would like to thank the students for their very active participation, their teacher Xhevat Gërdeci for the passion he has successfully transmitted to the students, and Enerit Candanaku, Museum staff, for the detailed information on sea turtles and all other reptiles.
This visit was a real pleasure for AOS! See you again in other guided events, at the same place: The Museum of Natural Sciences🙂

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