After a 20-day recovery process at the Bird Rehabilitation Center in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park, the White Stork, that was rescued by the AOS team on July 24, 2020, was ready to be set free. 

The bird was released in the same location it was hatched – the only area that it might be capable of remembering – this way it will be able to join the other groups of Storks on their migratory flight.

If we look back at the time of its rescue, the Stork was in poor shape, weakened and frail from the lack of food. In the rehabilitation center, the Stork not only found a safe space but also the necessary food and nutrients for it to reach an optimal weight.

The immense work, support, and dedication of the Bird Rehabilitation Center and the local community were vital in saving the Stork’s life.

These efforts are of great importance for the White Stork population in Albania, which consists of only 5 breeding pairs. Therefore, the life of a single individual is quite valuable and requires everyone’s help in protecting it.

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