We ran for the Egyptian Vulture, the only breeding vulture in Albania!

Activists, supporters of the cause for the recovery of the Egyptian vulture population, the only breeding vulture in Albania, added even more with their presence to the importance of Tirana Marathon’s 5th edition, “bringing” the Egyptian vulture to the heart of Albania, Tirana.

The Tirana Marathon is the largest annual running event in Albania, organized by the Municipality of Tirana. In addition to running, this activity is an extraordinary opportunity to promote various causes, often environmental ones as well. There is an increasing presence of activists who “raise their voice” for the protection of nature or specific species, as is the case of the Egyptian vulture, a cause which is being represented for the second time in a row in this activity.

This time, about 30 activists and members of AOS participated in the marathon, in the 10K category, aiming to attract attention and raise awareness among the general public and institutions for protecting the Egyptian vulture. Dressed in T-shirts with the image of the symbolic species and awareness messages, our presence had a strong impact, accompanied by plenty of feedback and discussions with other contestants and citizens present.

It is worth commending all activists for their commitment to finish the race, especially the “champion” Gledis Hoxha, who placed the highest among other members of the team “Egyptian Vulture”, reaching 170th place in the overall ranking.

As we concluded this race together, let us further dedicate ourselves to saving the Egyptian vulture from the many threats it faces, including poisoning, electric shock, poaching, degradation and loss of habitats, etc.

This activity supported by the “Egyptian Vulture New Life” project!