“Hostel”, this is the theme of the photography exhibition, a selection of 50 photos, of birds and our activities, taken by Ákos Németh, Taulant Bino & Eno Gaçe thanks to a successful and multiannual collaboration for the research of reed beds through the bird banding, in a common study project in between ornithologists and photography “aficionados” from Hungary and Albania.
We are very proud of this cooperation, for the success of the exhibition, as well as presenting scientific data through art. Why “Hostel”? Because reed beds of Albania, those small areas and not wellknown, host a lot of migrating birds that during their voyage are in need for a several days shelter where they find food, a place protected by predators or a limited space where they could overcome the cold night. The Reed bed or the “Hostel” is therefore much more important than it shows up.
This is the exact reason that we have to study, understand and protect them better. We tried to pass that message among our numerous visitors and friends at Kalo Gallery, during the last Saturday, 10th of February 2018, in a friendly atmosphere accompanied with a lot of interest, many questions about bird banding and with a lot of information on bird migration. But, we will be there again, trying to offer more information for all the new and former visitors.
​The exhibition will be open until 25th of February 2018. See you there!

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