World Migratory Bird Day: Sing, Fly, Soar – Like a Bird!

Every year, thousands of birds leave our country to migrate to warmer places in the south of the planet and other birds come from the cold north to spend the winter with us. Thus, during this time, storks, Egyptian Vultures, swallows leave our country but at the same time the charismatic ducks return to our lakes.

It is always a pleasure and a relief to see the birds return. The reason lies in the fact that their journey is difficult and many of them do not succeed. The dangers birds face during migration are numerous, such as habitat loss, shooting, poisoning, collision with power lines or other infrastructure, lack of food, predators, etc.

Every year is celebrated World Migratory Bird Day in order to raise awareness of the threats that birds face during their migration and of the need for international cooperation to mitigate these threats and to ensure a safer migration. This year the theme of this day was “Sing, fly, soar – like a bird!”, an invitation to all people everywhere to be more connected to nature, through listening and observing birds around them.

During the 8th, 9th and 10th of October, the young people from the Conservation Youth Club of Gjirokastra – CYC, primary school children, and many other nature enthusiasts joined our activities to raise awareness to raise awareness about migratory birds. These activities took place in Tirana Lake Park, Lake Shkodra and its surroundings, the Semani river outlet, the Thana reservoir, the Drino valley and Lake Bulo. The participants were informed about migratory birds and the dangers they face during migration. Also, many waterbirds, birds of prey, and passerines were seen and heard during this day. Among whom we mention: ducks, grebes, harriers, robins, etc. A list of about 90 species was recorded in eBird under the name “AOS Birding Team”.

The AOS staff thanks all participants in this important activity and wishes a safe migration for all the birds!