World Wetlands Day 2024 – An Educational Trip to Narta Lagoon

To celebrate World Wetlands Day, we always like to share our passion and knowledge for these highly important ecosystems with others. This time, we took a trip to Narta Lagoon with students from the Naturalists’ Club of “Halim Xhelo” High School, Vlora. The purpose of this trip was to familiarize students with the rich biodiversity of the lagoon as well as its importance to the local communities.

An essential part of the trip was the open discussion on the ecosystem services the lagoon provides. The students were able to identify some of them such as economic benefits and food provision through fishing, recreational activities, climate regulation, etc.

No visit to Narta is complete without a birdwatching session. The Flamingos, Shelducks, and the mighty Dalmatian Pelican were the undisputed stars of the day.

We would like to thank the students and teachers of “Halim Xhelo” High School for their active participation and the enthusiasm. Special thanks go to the Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative (MedWet) for supporting this activity.