Young Activists Protecting the Egyptian Vulture

During the day/itinerary, a series of activities took place:

  • Getting acquainted with the biological diversity, landscape and tourist attractions in the area of Bënçë Valley and Nivica Canyon. The first stop in the Bënçë River valley continued with the descent inside the Nivica Canyon to observe closely the Peshtura (Progonati) Waterfall, a wonder and Monument of Nature.
  • Monitoring the territory of the Egyptian Vulture, where one adult individual was observed. Upon arrival in Nivica, the youngsters were introduced to the monitoring protocol and instructions for the use of the optical devices. Watching the Egyptian Vulture was an amazing and exciting experience for them!
  • In conclusion of the activities, the discussion was focused on the importance of youth activism in environmental issues, policy-making and decision-making. The discussion was quite constructive and fruitful, full of new ideas.

We believe in the wonderful Albanian youth! We believe in youth activism in environmental issues!