Every nature “connaisseur” would respond that Blackbirds do not migrate from north to the south and vice-versa. They just engage in vertical migration, from the mountain to the lowland during winter and from lowland to the mountain during summer. Nevertheless, some individuals undertake long travel migrations north-south and vice-versa as one Blackbird found in Tujan (Tirana) on 04/01/2018. This individual was ringed in Mazowieckie (Poland), some 60 km away from Warschau. At the moment it was found the bird had traveled some 1181 km. From the above, it is pretty obvious that bird banding offers a lot of data on bird biology and the behavior of specific species. For that reason, AOS is engaged since three years in a proper bird banding research program that aims also to increase the capacities in Albania. Join us in our activities!

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