We are pleased to announce the launch of “AOS NEWSLETTER”, dedicated entirely to our actions and efforts for the conservation of the Albanian avifauna. The first issue of AOS NEWSLETTER will be sent out on the following days and it will be regularly published each month.

The content of the AOS NEWSLETTER will consist of the latest news on birds and conservation work of AOS projects, in addition, the electronic newsletter will disseminate event announcements and opportunities to get involved in various AOS activities.

AOS NEWSLETTER can be helpful and beneficial for everyone who is concerned in conservation work, students, youngsters, supporters, environmentalists and everyone else who wants to stay refreshed with the latest developments of conservation work in Albania.

We will be sending out the first issue on the following days, therefore feel free & hurry up to subscribe via the form below:

 or you can go directly to the Subscription form by clicking the link -> HERE

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