Asim Zeneli High School visited Divjaka-Karavasta National Park

The young naturalists of the “Eco Friends” youth club of Asim Zeneli High School from the stone city, Gjirokastra, in cooperation with the team of Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS), conducted an educative ornithological excursion in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park (DKNP). The main aim of the visit consisted of introducing the members of the Eco Friends youth club of Asim Zeneli High School to the importance of DKNP’s ecosystem and the support that it offers for rare and endangered birds.  

The tour started with the observation of the Pelican Island from the closest observation point where the Dalmatian Pelican colony of DKNP is clearly visible. Young High School students, curious and passionate about birds and nature, had the opportunity to enjoy observing the island, inhabited by Dalmatian Pelicans, during the most important period of the year, the breeding season. Their enthusiasm was apparent in questions like: What is the wingspan of a full-grown Dalmatian Pelican? What is the life span of a Dalmatian Pelican? When do their pouches develop the red-orange colour? etc.

After the observation of Dalmatian Pelicans, the flagship species of the DKNP and Divjaka municipality, we headed to the Visitors’ Center of the Park. Upon arrival, everyone started taking pictures of the resident Dalmatian Pelican of the Visitors’ Center, called Johnny. Later on, the staff of the Regional Administration of Protected Areas Fier presented to the young students of Asim Zeneli high school an overview of the resident mammals, reptiles, birds and the typical flora of the park. Afterwards, jointly with the staff of RAPA Fier and the members of the Eco Friends youth club, along with the professors of Asim Zeneli high school, 50 pine trees were planted in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park. Planted mostly by young students of Asim Zeneli high school, these pine trees are a valuable contribution to the ecosystem of National Park and its preservation.

In the end, our heartfelt thanks go to the tireless teacher, Gent Hyka, and the staff of Asim Zeneli High School for their dedication to promoting our natural heritage among their students and involving them in the preservation of these sites. For the team of AOS, spending a whole day with the young students of Asim Zeneli High School was a joy and a great motivation for our work and mission in protecting critical habitats. 

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