Booklet on the use of poison baits against wildlife in Albania

We are happy to share with you the booklet on “The use of poison baits against wildlife in Albania”, prepared by AOS in the framework of the Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project.

This booklet aims to raise awareness among government bodies and the Albanian public about the prevalence of wildlife poisoning in the country, the mass use of poison baits as the main means of direct extermination of large and medium-sized carnivores as well as indirect extermination of many other rare and endangered species.

At the same time, this booklet highlights the problems in the management of poisoning incidents, and suggests solutions to combat wildlife poisoning in Albania.

In this booklet you will find:

  • The relevant legal framework that prohibits the use of poison baits and poisonous substances against wildlife;
  • The responsible institutions for the management of poisoning incidents and their role;
  • Study on the use of poison baits and banned poisonous substances in Albania.

This booklet is printed in 150 copies which will be shared with the state institutions and with other stakeholders.

For more information we invite you to read the booklet “The use of poison baits in Albania” at the following link: