Dalmatian Pelican of Divjaka

In “election periods” some living organisms tend to leave and new others come. But the Dalmatian Pelican of Divjaka stays forever stoically. It has been there and it will be there again. Even more due to the efforts undertaken for its conservation measures. Year 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Nb. of nests 37, 46, 52, 52 Nb. of fledglings 21, 48, 57, 55 Breeding success 0,6 1,04 1,10 1,06 This year, the colony of 52 breeding pairs reared 55 fledglings that now fly all over the lagoon. Some of them have left now for Narta. Perhaps even further! It is real pleasure to see them all together!