Throughout 2019, the dynamics of events and actions within the framework of the “Egyptian Vulture New Life” project have been motivating and challenging for conservation efforts in recovering the population of the Egyptian Vulture in Albania. Cooperation with local and national stakeholders has been ongoing to achieve our common goal which is entirely dedicated to this species.

Following successive meetings, events, and monitoring, the AOS team became part of the Tirana Half Marathon, dedicating its participation to the cause of the Egyptian Vulture, together with PPNEA. We ran for You; now You must fly for Us!

On  October 13th, one of the most important events of the year took place, the Tirana Half Marathon. The marathon was organized by the Municipality of Tirana and had over 2500 participants, including Albanian and international participants.120 of those, ran to support the Egyptian Vulture cause, bringing the silhouette and grandeur of this species to the attention of the citizens of Tirana and to the heart of this event. Nature lovers, journalists, activists, students, and supporters of conservation efforts ran in the 10km category for this species, facing difficulties and obstacles just as this species faces en route to return to our territories.

T-shirts with the silhouette of the Egyptian Vulture,  flags, and groups cheering for this species helped to create an atmosphere filled with energy and motivation to drive this cause to a sustainable solution and continuous commitment.We all agree that in the 4th edition of the Tirana Half Marathon,  the Egyptian Vulture stole the spotlight! 

Meanwhile, the AOS team, though without the presence of the Egyptian Vulture in its territories, is still strengthening cooperation with local and national stakeholders to prepare safer terrains for this species, aiming to reduce threats faced by this species, including poisoning, electrocution, poaching, habitat loss, and human disturbance.

This activity supported by the “Egyptian Vulture New Life” project! 

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