Illegal killing and taking of birds are among the major factors endangering the population of various species, many of which are part of the red list. Illegal killing is reported to be widespread among Mediterranean species. According to BirdLife International, 67% of bird species regularly present in at least one Mediterranean country are impacted in significant numbers and in total, 11-36 million individuals per year may be killed/taken illegally across the region.

AOS is part of regional efforts on raising awareness and improving the current hunting legislation. As part of the “Combating Illegal Killing and Taking of Birds” project, AOS team conducted a jointly monitoring visit, together with the RAPA Fier along with Seman river mouth, Fier. The primary objectives of the visit were inspecting and monitoring for cases of illegal killing and taking of birds throughout the targeted area. AOS team together with the RAPA representatives embarked on the observation of the area at 4 am in order to be in the area when most of the illegal killing activity occurs. AOS team found shreds of evidence of illegal hunting activity in the area, including the presence of cartridges and gun-shots. While the monitoring, AOS team observed several bird species migrating along the coast. The existence of illegal killing and taking of birds along the migratory corridors turns this issue into a serious threat for several bird species.

Controlling illegal killing and taking of birds is a complex issue, even in a region where legal protection of birds is considered strong. Different interested parties included in the illegal killing and taking of birds are allocated on diverse standpoints. At this point, AOS is interacting with these targeted groups, including hunting groups, the State Police, media, the Regional Agency of Protected Areas of (RAPA) Fier and other institutions with the intention of addressing this matter towards more responsible and sustainable hunting.

This monitoring visit is one of our actions on combating illegal killing and taking of birds in Albania!

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