On January 24, 2020, Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS)  jointly with Ministry of Tourism and Environment (MTE) and Embassy of Spain in Albania (ESP) within the Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project and Egyptian Vulture New Life projects will organize a national workshop on Anti-Poisoning and Wildlife Crime in Albania.

The workshop will be attended by representatives of national responsible institutions, Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development, Hunter Groups, Anti-Poisoning Working Group, State Environmental Inspectorate, Customs Service, representatives from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Toxicologists, national and international NGOs, international and national experts as well as other groups of interest. 

Wildlife poisoning in Albania 

 Wildlife poisoning is illegal in Europe, including the Balkans. However, it is still happening. It is manifested mostly through the use of poison baits as a quick and affordable ‘solution’ for resolving the conflicts with predators that cause damage to the livestock. Investigating wildlife poisoning is a complex process that requires the cooperation and capacities among key stakeholders, including legislative and law enforcement institutions, research institutes (toxicological analysis, necropsies) and civil society. AOS is partnering with several structures to increase capacities and to include wildlife poisoning in their program.

What to expect from this meeting? 

The main purpose of the meeting is to raise awareness among national responsible institutions on the scale, root causes and consequences of the illegal use of poison baits and wildlife crime in Albania. This daylong meeting will gather several key national stakeholders – through their experience they will share the current engagement (present capacities) in tackling wildlife poisoning and crime.

Furthermore, the Egyptian Vulture New Life team, VCF (Vulture Conservation Foundation) and HOS (Hellenic Ornithological Society) representatives will attend the meeting as part of the panel- respectively, VCF will share with the participants of the meeting the anti-poisoning work in Balkan Peninsula followed by the presentation of HOS on the Balkan anti-poisoning database and the presentation of Egyptian Vulture New Life team on bird-crimes work in the Balkans: outcomes and perspectives. Detailed information about the workshop venue and time can be accessed in the calendar of AOS website or in the agenda attached!

The main organizers of the meeting are Albanian Ornithological Society (AOS), Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Embassy of Spain in Albania within the framework of the “Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project” (VCF) and “Egyptian Vulture New Life” (BSPB) projects.

Stay with AOS to catch up on the latest updates of the National Workshop “ Anti-Poisoning and Wildlife Crime in Albania”!

Anti-poisoning and Wildlife Crime, 24th of January 2020 (AOS) / AGENDA

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