The initiative undertaken by the civil society for the protection of Divjake-Karavasta National Park against massive urbanization is being supported by over 20 well reputed international organizations.
Prime Minister Rama and the Minister of Environment Mr. Koka have received a letter issued by the “Mediterranean Wetlands Alliance” Network, which comprises international organizations that represent 12 different countries.
The letter emphasizes the fact that Divjake-Karavasta National Park is considered as 1 of the 2 most important wetlands in the Adriatik, which is visited every year by millions of migratory and also a valuable asset for the local economy.
The Alliance considers the initiative on development of “Divjake Resort Albania” will deliver a very negative, unacceptable impact and a violation of all Albania’s previous international commitments such as Ramsar Convention, Bern Convention as well as Emerald Network.
Alliance urges the Albanian Government to put an end to this project and recognize to best extent possible the worth of Albania’s nature heritage and the Divjake -Karavasta National Park in particular.
The letter addressed to Prime Minister Rama and Minister of Environment Koka can be found on the following link:

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