Natural tourism, in difference from massive tourism, demands natural ecosystems that are protected, managed properly and carefully, where the natural landscape remains dominant. This is elite tourism, sustainable and profitable in time for small and medium local economies. Natural tourism is long-term and sustainable business that demands small and welcoming guest houses, rich in local colors. It demands light infrastructure and in harmony with nature. It demands the nature of Divjaka, the quietness of Narta, the landscape of Valbona, wetland vegetation of Shkodra and the Albanian hospitality. It demands for local guides and their knowledge on the natural, cultural and historical heritage. Natural tourism does not look for high and large buildings with their twinkling lights and high levels of noise. It does not demand highways, traffic, high volume music and the infinity of tourists during the two summer months. It does not demand for extra-large resorts, numerous apartments that dominate the shore. Natural tourism is nowadays a global market and in order to be competitive we should strongly preserve our cultural and historical heritage, to protect the naturality of our ecosystems, to develop human capacities and to offer decent services where nature, history, culture and culinary compose one integrated product. Albania that saves this own integrity, will be the future and sustainable Albania and highly demanded by the international market. This is the best Albania of the future. Let us abandon massive tourism. Albania has tasted it before and it has never given us long-term success! Let us embrace the natural and sustainable tourism.

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