This is Divjaka, the jewel of Albania and Mediterranean basin, dressed with waters, covered by forest and sand dunes, inhabited since centuries by humans and wildlife. This is the Divjaka-Karavasta National Park, the first Ramsar Site designated in Albania, the Most Important Bird Area of Albania, the Emerald Area of Bern Convention, the future Natura 2000 Site of European Union. This is Divjaka, that residents of Divjaka and all Albanians have protected from fire, logging, illegal constructions and ill-fammed projects. This is Divjaka, more threatened than ever from the current Mabetex Group that in its actual form wipes out from the Park ecosystems, numerous habitats, colonies of wildlife, hundreds of species. This is Divjaka, for centuries the harmony between people and nature! Tomorrow it might belong perhaps to cement, iron and concrete!!! Will the authorities. Mabetex Group developer and other interested parties, instead of the current project, propose a descent one that does not destroy nature? Let us hope that they will respect and implement our current legal framework on conservation of nature and biodiversity! Otherwise, civil society has to follow its mission in reacting to the defense of public good.



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