During these days of self-isolation, two cadavers of European Badger (Meles meles) suspected of poisoning were reported at AOS. One of cadavers was reported in Kavaja and the other in Durrës. However, not always finding a cadaver means that the cause of the animal’s death is poisoning. To confirm this, it is necessary to take samples and to perform toxicological tests.

Regarding the cadaver reported in Kavaja, were followed the steps as below:

  • Investigation for the presence of poison-baits: Poison- baits can be found near the cadaver. They are food mixed with poisonous substances and are used to attract the animal. Meat is usually used as a bait for carnivores. In this case, wasn’t found any poison-bait.
  • Investigation for the presence of toxic substances’ packages: Packages of toxic substances (bags, bottles) that are thought to have poisoned the animal, may be found in the area where the cadaver is located. In this case, wasn’t found any package of toxic substances.
  • Soil sampling, below and near the cadaver at a depth of 5 cm. Residues of vomiting and other excrements from the animal’s body can be found near the cadaver, which can prove that the animal is poisoned.
  • Sampling from entemofauna: For as much as insects consume the cadaver, they are very important for toxicological analysis.

The samples were placed in plastic containers, labeled, and will be sent to the laboratory for toxicological analysis. Meanwhile, the cadaver was buried since it was impossible to be transported to the laboratory for necropsy and toxicological analysis, due to COVID-19 situation. Burial of the cadaver is quite important in such cases where poisoning is suspected, as in this way we prevent the poisoning of many other animals that feed on carrion.

As for the cadaver reported in Durrës, it was much decomposed, and thus it was reasoned that sampling, in this case, would not be quite effective.

Reporting such cases is quite important because it gives us information regarding the scale and the extent of the wildlife poisoning in our country. Thus, if you encounter a cadaver, you should report it!

AOS makes available for the public the following contacts where you can report your cases:

Facebook: AOS-Albanian Ornithological Society

Instagram: aos_alb

Whatsapp: (1) +355 6967127         (2) +355 692445037

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